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real dogging stories submitted by local Contacts...........

dogging storiesAs brit's we love the UK dogging scene even thought we all know it does have some risk elements, but isn't it that that makes it exciting!! Knowing your having sex outside

Its our interest in dogging thats caused hundreds of dogging website's to go online most linking into premium website's that either offer locations, dogging stories or couples photos .....most are fake


We may well be asking what makes ours different from all the other dogging story sites? well the answer is simple, we are the UK biggest adult contacts & swingers website with thousands of couples joining across a massive network of sites, in fact we current have over 2,000,000 members.......and growing

And one thing you will find it that where ever theirs horny swingers their dogging contacts !!! and where's theres contacts theirs members posting stories, locations and photos for other to see ....after all whats the point in dogging if your not going to tell or show others your photos!

To give you some idea of whats been posted within the members section we've posted some recent dogging stories along with members photos and whats even better FREE and direct access to dogging adverts around the UK, so not only can you read real life dogging stories you can also view the members posting them

All images are members photos dogging hence why they are edited

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