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Pre arranging meets HAS to be the safest and best way to meet with dogging contacts.

Whilst a lot of couples will go out and park up putting lights on this doesn't always guarantee they are out for some outdoor sex.

By talking to couple via email, forums or message board you can arrange a location, time and even swap car details so you ensure you won't have any embracement by approaching a couple thats NOT dogging

Dogging guidelines telling if people are dogging

dogging guidelines Looking to meet with dogging couples but not sure how to tell if couples are dogging in car parks or basically having an evening out and just parking up for 5 minutes

I know to horny dogging contacts like us the idea of parking a car in a car park then sitting around inside without having sex seems really quite crazy LOL, but its true these odd people are around so this leads onto

" how do you tell if couples are dogging or not"

Its not as daft as it may seem, after all if your a newbie to the UK dogging scene it can be difficult to work out when couples are parked up if they are looking for meets or not, or even what type of contacts they are looking for

The UK scene does have rough guidelines that people follow and most couples that meet up around uk sites do tend to use these signs to indicate that they are looking for meets.

But by far the better way is by using the forums and pre arranging meets as this completely takes any guess work away as you can swap personal information such as car details and even registration numbers or even a different indications as to where you are

But if you've not been fortunate to meet via the forum here as some guides that will help you spot when a couple is dogging or not

  • Interior lights "on" :- By leaving your car interior lights on this is a good sign that someones up for meets and in most cases the general meaning by leaving car lights on means your up for voyeur dogging meets where guys / couples can watch. But this can be misconstrued with just a couple out for the night and putting the lights on in the car whilst parked - try also looking for other signs
  • Brake Lights :- This is a strong sign that couples are up for meets and when a car is parked up theres no reasons for a guy to flash his brake lights if he's not trying to get the attention of other dogging contacts.
  • Flashing headlights :- Really as above and its pretty clear was is on offer when a car flashes its lights at you
  • Windows Open :- These really support the above signs and when a cars windows are down / open this tends to mean that your happy for males/ couples to get involved
  • Opening Car Doors:- You don't get a more inviting statement than that and TBH one I don't see often but by leaving the car door / doors open this an open offer to get in and join them

But by far the most popular indicator that couples are dogging is by contacts flashing there real lights and then leaving the drivers or passengers window open. This way you can approach the car and chat to the couple

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