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Using a dogging forum not only offers a mass of FREE information but loads of other great features to help you meet up with contacts

Such as

  • members photos
  • current locations
  • police warnings
  • council Hotspots
  • member advice
  • dogging profiles
  • searching information
  • posting group meets

Plus loads of other features that will all lead to one thing alone, thats meeting up with dogging contacts

And whats even better access to the dogging forums is FREE under our basic membership

Read postings made on Dogging forums & message boards

dogging forumsWant to get into dogging and don't really know the best place to start ? then try reading some of the recent dogging forums postings

A dogging forum within an active online adult community offers a massive amount of information and help and whats better its FREE and posted up by couples that enjoy dogging sex.

If your new to using contacts sites you may well not be familiar with the term "forum" but basically its a little like a message board .... but a lot better. The reason is because chatroom's have live conversation so following discussions can be hard going, where as a forum dedicated sections are set up by members and these can be viewed and searched

Hence meaning if someone post up a warning for example regarding a location you can search or scroll through the pages till you find this, it also means if your looking for locations you can view these at a glance along with members photos that they submit within these dogging forum discussions

But it gets a lot better contacts to members , sites, photos & profiles

From members forums posting you can access theres profiles so that you can read about the types of contacts they are looking for and often check out more profiles photos often dogging / flashing related

So not only will you be able to access loads of information and advice but member contacts details, locations, photos, stories and more .....To give you some idea I've posted up some recent dogging forums postings

  • Dogging Scotland :- beecraigs country park bottom car park just down from visitor centre next to loch friday and Saturday from 9 let me know is anyone plans to come cheers
  • Bareback Dogging :- I know its crazy but I want to watch my wife getting fucked by guys but bareback ! anyone fancy meeting around Essex
  • Forest of Dean dogging sites :- We're looking for dogging sites in the Forest of Dean. Maybe even out as far as Chepstow and Monmouth. 
  • Dogging in and around Dorset:- We've been using the New Forest and its VERY safe drop us a line and lets meet
  • Dogging near warkcastle :- Couple of places near the Warwick castle for dogging. best one is across the river you can either have private space and yet be as revealed or public as you want.
  • Norfolk dogging tranny :- I'll be along the Thetford / Mundford main road 2 mile bottom / stag picnic area this weekend. Drop me a message and I'l give you car details and times, just bring a condom
  • Nottingham A60 Dogging :- I was told about a place in Blidwoth just of the A60 but I can't find it, anyone fancy helping a couple ut and maybe meet up
  • Kent Outdoor meets:- My wife likes flashing at guys around Kent, she may offer oral but enjoys watching guys wank off whilst she plays with herself. We are going to be at Harold Road car park in Margate this weekend so drop a line

All images are members photos dogging hence why they are edited

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