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Finding current dogging locations is no longer a case of just heading out to car parks and parking up !!!

Now as UK dogging couples you need to be a little more savvy about how you enjoy your dogging sex and more so just where you meet with contacts

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dogging locationsOk did you know that other than free porn the next top searched term on the internet is " Dogging Locations, sites or information" and its no wonder as so many couples and singles enjoy having sex around car parks and public parks

The reason so many Uk dogging contacts are looking for current sites is due to increased police patrols and many councils locking and closing public parks at night .....but does this action stop dogging contacts? like hell it does

Whats happen now is the UK dogging contact has turned towards the internet as a means of meeting with others and either discussing locations via message boards and or pre arranging meets

Now some of you will say that by pre arranging meets takes away the spontaniety away from dogging sex, well I'm sorry but the days when I want to sit around in dark car parks hoping for a couple to turn up has long gone, now I pre arrange a meet and know I'll get some dogging sex !!

For those that just want details on locations and still want to dog the old fashion way then you can do this by simply reading forums, message boards or profiles where couples have detailed locatyions they use.

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All images below are directly from dogging location profiles hence the reason edited

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