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dogging Looking for FREE dogging sites? information, updates on places to meet? stories and a lot lot more well in that case read on as we are a FREE dogging site with loads of great features to help you meet with local contacts

Its a FACT we all want something for nothing whether its using the dogging tube sites for free porn or the contacts website's for local free locations & photos. But lets face facts running a website costs money for this reason someone we need to make cash from the information we offer

This is done by offering a free membership and a paid membership with more advanced features, so those that just want some free dogging sites and some photos can access this, but if you want more features than thats when you have to pay

Detailed below are the features that both free and paid members have as members, but as most join for free to just whats inside the members section why not join us today


Free members have the following features

  • Access to forums :- here you can read members posting detailing anything from locations to photos
  • Search Profiles :- search across members local to you
  • Photos :- view members photos
  • Private Folders:- set up your own private photos folder thats password protected
  • View member profiles:- access all member details with direct access contacts using email
  • Free Email :- for your own safety and privacy use the free email provided
  • Upload your advert :- place your own advert detailing what your looking for
  • Unlimited Space for Photos :- We don't restrict how many photos you can upload so the more the merry
  • Add Videos:- upload your own videos directly into your profile
  • Blogs :- Your own free dogging blog
  • Chatroom's :- dedicated chatroom's so you can directly to members

Paid members have the following and including the above

  • Advance access Forums :- As a paid member you'll have immediate access to postings where as free members have a one delay
  • Large Photos :- view large members photos rather than small thumbnail images that free members have. Also you can view all photos uploaded by members
  • View Dogging Videos :- view videos posted by members
  • Advance Searching :- helps when finding local contacts faster and now you can search by distance to you
  • Webcam :- use your webcam and talk live between members in private cam chatrooms

To give you some idea of whats on offer posted below is a free link to view all contacts around the UK. From there you can click on regions and major towns and it will give you further proof that we have thousands of contacts going right across the UK all waiting to hear and meet up with horny dogging contacts

One note - the link below will display ALL results but once a member this can be filtered to display just dogging / outdoor sex & voyeur meets only

Free access UK dogging contacts Click here

direct free contacts to members , sites, photos, profiles plus lots more ..............

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