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*Barton:- A6 meets anyone? take the left at the Pub then keep heading up till you  

Want somewhere safe to meet in Barton? I've been using Sharpenhoe Clappers loads of couples & some bi males

*Biggleswade:- mature couple after outdoor sex down Furzenhall Rd and look out for the fields then follow

*Dunstable:- I'm a bi guy looking for meets in national park Astrige.

*Luton:- Sharpenhoe Clappers warning if your using this location DON'T as the police are using unmarked cars and pulling couples over

*Woburn:- meets at golf club at Bow Brickhill you just need to watch out for the groundsman otherwise loads of action

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I fucked his dogging wife whilst he was watching me ....

wiltshireIts interesting reading members stories and this Bedfordshire dogging male tells about how first he just meet with a random couple at some Bedfordshire dogging site and then found out about the UK cuckold scene so joined a contacts website to meet more couples

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I fancied some fun so headed out to a location a buddie told me about

I’ve never been into this cuckold scene where I fuck guys wives whilst the husband watch and even less so with them getting involved, but recently I had my first taste at cuckold dogging with this couple I meet at a dogging site and since then its made me rethink about cuckold sex and so joined a contacts website

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It was a warm summers night and as my bitch of a girlfriend had dumped me was sitting alone and needing some attention, I remembered chatting to a friend and he told me about this dogging locations where couples would meet up so thought I’d give it a go, so headed off, ready for action, hopefully.

I pulled into the car park and at first didn’t see any cars, but my friend told me I needed to drive around to the rear of the car park as it was safer there and that’s where the couples had move two, sure as fuck I wasn’t disappointed and it looked quite promising

I parked up quite close to this car and looking over could clearly see this couple as they had the interior light on and the window open which I “think” reading my manual on dogging meant they were up for some action, BTW I was joking about the manual, I read it online some weeks ago

The female looked pretty fucvking horny, young long blonde hair and from what I could see with a pretty horny figure too and looking over towards me she gave me a naughty wink and she leaned over towards her boyfriend and I was hoping it was “shall we meet him, he looks horny……LOL, OK I can dream”

They waved me over and as this dogging lark was new really didn’t know what to expect maybe a blow job quick shag who knows anyway getting I walked round and the couple got out and the guy says he wants to watch someone fucking his wife as he’s into cuckold sex and looking at his wife I know that wouldn’t be a problem

He walked over to his wife and said something and I could hear what he was saying but when his wife walked over to me and bent over the bonnet and walking up to her rain my hands up her skirt and finding her firm ass cupped it with one hand then pulled to one side her knickers, bending down I pulled her skirt up and ran my tongue around her ass and pussy and she was already soaking wet

Looking over to the cuckold husband he was now taking photos and was happy watching which was fine by me but we also by now had a few more guys standing around watching us. I turned her around and she laid back onto the car bonnet and opening her legs pushed my cock deep into her and started fucking her soaking wet pussy it was clear she was getting near to cumming and was now pinching her nipples hard and she soon came she then told me to pull out and knelt before me and started liking her cum juices and took my load straight down her throat

We drove off and new then I wanted more information on cuckold dogging & meeting up with others

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