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*Ecclestone:- Does any dogging still go on at ferry and alongside the River Dee? We've been down there a few nights and its pretty dead. anyone fancy meeting up with a mature couple for some outdoor sex around Ecclestone/ Cheshire

*Crewe:- voyeur sex at queens park..want to watch me fucking my g/f ? drop me a message as she loves guys watching us fucking outdoors and Queens Park is a good place to meet

*Northwich:- Marbury Pk, bi meets? I'm a bi male thats looking for oral meets with other guys. Also anyone know any other good cottaging locations around Northwich?

*Delamere Forest :- I've been using Delmere Forest for some time as my wife and I are naturist doggers in other words we like to strip fully outdoors and have sex and find Delemere Forest is a safe place due to size and the various hidden places you can meet for outdoor meets / exhibitionist sex

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I followed him to the corner and stripped naked in public ....

CheshireI'd been a single women for sometime and whilst getting rid of my waste of space husband freed me up to meet I was finding things a little hard going so knew I had to do something about it and started by joining a swingers site.....LOL yeah I know from not getting much attention to getting loads of males, but I wanted some fun.

The idea of fucking a stranger in a cheshire car park was something that turned me on and it didn't take long before the offers and locations were coming my way. This one young guy ticked all my boxes, fit, young, hung and live around the corner and told me about this Cheshire dogging location that was basically right under my nose and I didn't even know about it...sneaky little doggers

we arranged to meet and at first it did seem a little od to pre arrange a dogging meet but thinking back why waste sitting around some dark old car park when you could arrange to meet. Setting out I was dressed to fuck and decided knickers were and option I didn't need and driving out knowing that I was going to get fucked by some guy and also not wearing knickers so so horny.

I pulled into the carpark and straight away saw this car....tonight I was going to break my dogging virginity ......

Parking up he walked straight towards the car and from what I could see we were alone and I didn't know if he still fancied me seeing me in the flesh but with my legs slightly open he obviously got the message that I was here for SEX so looking up just said it " So, do you fancy a fuck?” For an moment I wondered what he was going to say and reaching in lifted my dress to see I wasn't wearing knickers and took my hand..."follow me"

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Just on the edge of the carpark was some trees offering a nice private place to have some fun, once there I was standing in front of him so pulled the strap from my shoulders and let it drop to the floor then stepped away from it and i was now standing outdoors naked other than my bra so reached around and unclasped it releasing my ample tits.

Standing there naked now he asked me to open my legs slightly and doing so he was able to look at my shaven pussy and by now soaking wet one at that and I could feel the wetness against my legs where I'd been getting turned on driving there and my nipples were hard as bullets and I couldn't get over just how arousal I was being outside fully naked and following the orders of some stranger...had he told me to do anything I would have followed his orders to the matter what I was told

He told me to play with myself so I placed a hand onto my tit and started squeezing my nipple whilst the other hand, drifted down between my legs and straight onto my clitoris and started to tease it making it harden under the pressure of fingers, teasing it I moaned out aloud and slipping my fingers into my pussy I made them wet with my juices and pulling them out I liked and sucked the juices from them then looking towards him "If I'm going to masturbate in front of you I want so see your cock" and putting my fingers back inside my pussy he got his prick out and started to slowly stroke it.

I stopped playing with myself and crouching down in front of him I reached out towards his cock and started to slowly wank him off whilst my free hand went back between my legs and carried on to to tease and rub my clit, squeezing his cock I notice some pre cum and moving my head towards him I opened my mouth and sticking my tong out I teased the end of his cock licking the end enjoying every little drop of pre cum and once gone moving down and sucking one of his balls

Moving back to his cock this time I took him fully inside and sucked more of his cock into my mouth and started giving him a blow job making sure I didn't go to fast of hard as I wanted him to fuck me here & NOW. He was a good size probably around 8" and once I had a couple of inches inside my mouth and started to mouth fuck him slowly bobbing my head up and down. By now my cunt was dripping as my fingers were still rubbing my clit and as I continued masturbating, myself I'd now slipped three fingers in my pussy and I was now ready for his cock.

Pulling back I told him "I want you to fuck me, you can cum inside my pussy” and with that stood up to see another guy standing a little bit away but he was close enough to see me and that his cock was out and was wanking, waving him over I told him to come closer. With that he came right over and with my hands resting against a tree I parted my legs and felt his cock slip straight into me

He started to pound me hard pushing deep inside me and the other was now wanking fast and waving him over I reached out for his cock and carried on wanking him off whist the other guy was fucking me....this was a real treat I didn't expect getting two guys in one night ....I knew he was going to cum in me soon the rate he was fucking me....... the rest of this is within the members section

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