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*Weymouth:- Anyone want to meet up Preston Beach Road? its private and great place to meet couples especally if you head off into the nearby

*Poole:- Studland Naturist Beach? I know a lot know of this local but its safe as you can see people / police approxaching from a distance. Just make sure you take a torch, one flash for oral two for full sex LOL  

*Sturminster:- Newton Mill picnic meets, Its just off the A357 easy to find as its sign posted

*Swanage:- bi guy looking for meets with males for oral only. Try the car park near the pier " Broad Street" I also use Bridport toilet on the Honiton Road and the cottage

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Naturist dogging in Dorset ...short but great story & locations ..

Dorset Doggingyou know after reading this Dorset dogging story it made me think back to some of my old teachers at school and just wished some of those were like this dogging school teacher ......Mmmm Mrs Richards ...;o) Either way if you love your naturist dogging read this members story and check out the FREE link to view local members profiles

I’m not a great one for writing erotic stories, in fact I’m better at doing rather than talking about it, but after reading a few members dogging blogs I wanted to put pen to paper or should that be finger to keyboard these days ( showing my age here) and tell other about a recent dogging experience I had

I love the Dorset dogging scene as I’m a bit of a naturist and love getting naked outdoors and find people that do use dogging location have a real shock when they see me completely strip off naked outdoors, needless to say its more about finding the private locations where you can strip fully in the open, but thankfully that’s one thing Dorset doesn’t have shortage off

I'm a naturist dogging female that just loves stripping off outside .......

I live In Poole and whilst most of my dogging experiences have been good this one did start a little embarrassing and it happened a few nights ago. I headed out to one of my usual locations and dressed accordingly so that clothes could be removed quickly

the photos below are random images but current members

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I drove into the carpark and for once it was pretty dead other than a single car in the corner that had a interior light on so a sure bet they were looking for dogging sex. I didn’t mind if it was a single males, female or couple as I’ve been a bisexual for some years, in fact I don’t really class myself as bisexual anymore, more so “A“ sexual in that I’ll have sex and Any sex.

Parking near to the car I stripped off and walked around the back of my car and short distance to the other car, now completely naked just the way I love being outside, walking around I could see a young woman and a couple of guys, mmm interesting combination could be fun.  I tapped on the car window when they opened the door had the shock of my life when the young girl in the car was an old student I’d taught at school a few years back!

I think she was just as shocked as I was and thankfully she managed to stop herself from calling Miss %^&$* after all when you go dogging you don’t expect to bump into your school teacher, although thinking back there was a few that I would have happily fucked silly, but fucking at work especially a 14y/o was something you didn’t do.  

So what a dilemma, what in fucks name should I do run away and jump back in the car, in all my years dogging something like this had never happened like this before even though I’ve enjoyed and fucked more than a few doggers in my time. It was pretty obvious that the girl was busy with the other guy and wasn’t really taking much notice of what was going on around her and were very much so occupied so my options were clear… I’m a horny cow! Yip I forget he was an old pupil and got on.

I sat in the car and unzipped his flies getting out his young hard cock and moved straight down and started sucking him and enjoying a good old sook! He didn’t hold back and started playing with my tits and pinching my nipples which by now were rock hard. I love my nipples being pinched in fact the harder the better and it’s a sure fire way to get my VERY horny and it wasn’t long before my legs were wide open and I guided his young hand between my legs.

He started to rub my clit and it didn’t take long before I was soaking wet and slipping a couple fingers inside me started to fuck my pussy with his fingers. I moved the seat back a little and gave him more access to my pussy and he lowered down on me and was sucking my clit whilst fingering me and I was loving it.

I soon came and could see a little pre cum on the end of his cock so lowered my head down onto his cock and sucked him till he shot his load down my throat that I eagerly swallowed his young cum making sure I sucked and licked every drop of cum from him and I then realised just how much I’d missed the taste of teenage cock and I’m now keen to meet with other teen dogging males

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