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Live in Essex and struggling to find current used sites around Essex?

Well in that case STOP just driving helplessly around Essex car parks pre arrange meets with couples via dogging message boards

To give you some idea sample postings below although in some cases these have been edited if member names have been used

*Lakeside:- We've just moves to Lakeside and looking for meets with guys, drop us a line if you fancy meeting up are heading off to Nightingale woods off Vicarage Lane in South Marston anyone fancy meeting up

*Barkingside:- want a bj? how about meets at Redbridge Sports Centre where i'll suck you off as I love the taste of cum

*Colchester:- Where's the Essex dogging members meeting as I was told about dogging at Friday Woods but couldn't find any action. I'm a bi guy and looking to meet with other bi or gay contacts

*Stanstead:- mature couple looking for meets around Hatfield Forest, its VERY private and safe so drop us a line and I'll give you directions where to meet

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We parked up the van and I stripped naked ....

EssexLooking to meet with Essex Swingers & dogging contacts? read this members story that was posted within the blog that I just had to share a bit of it with you

As far as great dogging stories and contact go they really don't get much better than this Essex dogging couple after all how many contacts have you met met with where the wife strips off totally outside? .......I've never met any but ones things for sure I'm going to be heading towards Essex on my my next road trip if only to meet with this Essex horny housewife

We’ve been involved within the Essex swingers scene for sometime but recently started using dogging locations as my husband does enjoy watching me having sex with strangers, even more so when outside at various Essex locations

I got out of the van and stripped naked for the guys......they certainly liked what they saw..

Like most we pre arrange meets and after posting details within the forum had a few guys that’s wanted to meet up so we arranged a private location and a time and date was set. We’d arranged for 3 guys to meet us as you do sometimes have no shows and wanted to make sure at least one was going to be around

all photos are from random contacts that are looking for outdoor meets - as a member even a FREE one you'll have access to unedited photos

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My husband works as a tradesman so has a van which after a little cleaning makes a perfect place to have fun and if the weathers bad we can always shut the doors and still have some fun. We drove onto the park (full details held back by request)  and pulled over into the corner and already saw the cars parked up

We’d told the cars about the van and to look out for it so we didn’t need to worry about flashing lights and that guys wouldn’t get an embarrassing shock of walking up to the wrong car / van which I know a few guys have told us about nightmares walking up to cars to be told to “fuck off”

After parking up I moved into the back of the van and my husband walked around and opened the doors, the guys walked up and we all introduced ourselves. As it was a summer night I was wearing a little summer dress and nothing else, after all whats the point when your going to get naked!   

Sitting on the side of the van I dropped the straps on my dress and watched there reactions as I stood up naked and started to play with my tits and pull my nipples and finger my pussy, by now my husband was taking photos and as agreed we weren’t getting any of the guys faces, I then sat back onto the van and opened my legs wide showing off my pussy. I’m quite a hairy women and I know this does put some guys off but each one of the guys said they love meeting with women with bushy beavers

Exposing my hairy pussy to guys had me straight away WET as I do love flashing to strangers and this was WAY more then a flash as they could see what I had for breakfast considering how wide my pussy was open, slipping a couple of fingers inside I managed to bring myself off almost straight away and pulling them out offered then to a guy standing close and he sucked them and licked them clean

Watching the guys they each got there cocks out and started wanking off as I carried on playing with my clit and nipples. Seeing there cocks made me want them so moving away a little from the van I knelt down and took hold on two of the guys cocks and started sucking & wanking them off.

Whilst I was playing with then the other guy came up behind me and started playing with my tits and he commented on how hard my nipples were and I told him if he pinched then VERY hard he would be able to make me cum……. One of the guys had some pre cum dripping from him and being a complete cum whore I had to have that so pulling him towards me I started by licking the end of his cock tasting him and I knew I wanted more so I pulled him deep into my throat taking his cock right to the back as I was able to deep throat without gagging

He started to fuck my mouth and knew it would be long before I got my first reward of the night and grabbing his ass pulled him tight so that he wouldn’t pull out as I wanted it all and swallowed his cock back swallowed all his load and have ever drop of cum into my belly.

As he came this also made me cum and my orgasm was a so fucking strong one making me shake and cum juices drip from me, the guy that was behind me was now fingering me hard and my pussy was making a slopping sound as his fingers were darting in and out making me cum again, but I now needed a cock inside my pussy so standing up I turned around and bending over onto thew side of the van told the guys to fuck me

The rest of this story within members section here

They don't get much more hornier than this Essex housewife dogging, join access contacts, stories & photos.......

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