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If theres one thing the South Coast isn't short of is locations and posted here as some recent forum postings from members looking for Hampshire Dogging meets

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These are sample postings below with the full details into the members section

*Portsmouth:- We live close to canoe lake and often walk over for some outdoor meets and couples fancy joining us

*Titchfield:- I'm a bi male looking for oral meets with guys around Botley Woods. I'm only looking for oral sex only so drop me a line as theres loads of places you can meet and a lot of dogging couples use Botley Woods as well if your looking to meet couples

*Winchester:- A31 dogging meets anyone? we are a couple looking to meet guys on the lay-by on A31 Winchester to Alsford road

*Aldershot:- Ockham Common dogging? From the A3 take road to Guildford and keep heading along until you find ..

*Hayling Island Dogging - we heard about dogging at the sand dunes, but can't find them anyone want to help out a couple of horny doggers, in return I may let you fuck the wife

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The husband watches his wife sucking a stranger off ..

hampshireCouples get into the dogging scene for lots of different reasons but more often than not like the Hampshire couple it was because the husband watched to watch his wife with other males.

Suppose this does bring the cuckold dogging scene into life where husbands want to watch and often like this guy hide so they can spy on the wife having sex with strangers.

If this sounds like something you'd like to try trust me your not alone and lot of a couples posting adverts & Hampshire dogging locations are just looking for meets with single males on the understand the hubby will be watching and often taking photos

Hampshire husbands spys his wife first dogging experience in a portsmouth pub carpark

To give you some idea below are some members Hampshire dogging photos and whilst I've edited then to protect members you still have some idea whats going on. If you want to find local Hampshire contacts use the FREE banner and check out profiles

all photos are random images directly from profiles

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My wife has always been a bit of a slut wife LOL – I don’t mean that nasty its just she loves flirting with guys and often when we are out she’ll sit in such a way that the guys can see up a her skirt and she loves to flash at strangers

I kinda new at some stage we would get into the wife dogging scene but whilst I didn’t mind the idea of her dogging I wasn’t too keen about us getting caught by the local police and that’s whats stopped us

We were out one night and whilst driving to our local bar she pulled her dress up and flashed me her pussy “didn’t you forget something” I ask her and with this she shakes her head and has the very naughty look that I know meant she was up too something ”fancy having some fun tonight”, sure”  

With that she tells me that tonight she wants to suck a guy off in the pub carpark! Whilst I watch and take photos “umm hun, no bleeding camera” with that pulls out the camera from her bag. She knew I would be more than up for it as many years ago we used to be into the wife swapping scene in a big way attending what was then “key parties” and I’d watched her before pleasing a good few guys in some of the more group parties we attended

Getting into the bar we sat down and I went up and ordered some drinks, I could see almost straight away that my flashing wife went straight into flash mode LOL and was looking around for some guys. It didn’t take long before she noticed this guy standing alone at the bar, just her type tall, slim & young!

She moved onto another seat where he had a clear view of her legs and with an extremely short skirt on had a very good chance of seeing straight up her dress without even needing to hitch it up, but being a tease she wanted to have a little fun first

I took her drink back to the table and walked away as I wanted to give him every chance to approach her and knew with the husband sat right next to his wife even thought see was flashing her shaven pussy off it was unlikely he would approach  

Standing at the bar I could clearly see what she was doing and it didn’t take long before the guy did as well as he could clearly see right up her skirt and with a knowing smile he knew she was interested in him. At this stage I left the pub and hid around the corner so I had the car in sight and within a few minutes she walked outside with him over to the car

I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen and my wife leaned against the car and they started kissing and his hand almost straight away went up her skirt, she then undid his trousers and knelt in front of him and got his already hard cock out. She didn’t hold back and started sucking him off going deep and letting him fuck her mouth pretty full on and she took his cock right down her throat, by now she had her hand up  her skirt and was fingering herself and I knew this would make her cum and
within a few minutes I saw the guy jerking and knew he was coming into her mouth.

She stood up and I managed to get back into the bar and sat at the table when she returned, looking at her I could tell she wanted a lot more and sitting closer to me I put my hand up her skirt and she was soaking wet….”fuck this, my turn this time, but I’m going to fuck you over the car”     

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