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Kent Dogging couple husband turns cuckold and watches wife.

Kent DoggingHiya, we never started out as being a Kent dogging couple, but what started out as an afternoon enjoying the summer heat on the beach soon turned into a lot more after a voyeur spotted us or should I say my wife

I bit about us, I’ve been married to Pam for just over 10 yrs and shes a VERY sexy attractive woman with a figure most women would die to have with pert firm breasts, shapely legs and always dresses immaculate but still having a naughty look

It was a nice summers day …..shocking I know we headed out for a picnic lunch to a private little beach we know and even during the height of summer is deserted. We are not nudist but are not either worried about stripping off outdoors so I suggest to Pam about taking some outdoors nude photos and she didn’t think twice about stripping off.

Watching my wife stripping off outdoors was so horny I nearly fucked her straight away ......

She was stripped to panties & bra and then bent over pulling down her knickers and was totally naked outside and I started taking a few photos of her in provocative poses and with the sun hitting her looked so horny especially the way the sunlight was hitting her pubic hair. I was really getting into arranging her when we heard a guys voice "Sorry I didn’t want to disturb your nudist photo session” Pam was really quite embarrassed and turned towards her clothes  “ sorry I hope I’ve not embarrassed you as you have an amazing body plus I only came for some private sunbathing and would love to join you guys”

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He told us that his name was Iain and was single and looking over to Pam I suggested as he’d already seen her naked it didn’t matter if he joined us and likewise little point in getting dressed and once she got over this seemed to start enjoying our voyeur that joined us, in fact Iain was getting a little bit more attention from my wife as he sat closer looking at her.

Whilst they were chatting I noticed this bulge in his jeans and it was pretty understandable considering Pam was completely naked in front of him and from the way she was looking at him I had a pretty good idea she was getting an eye full as well. As I was taking photos Iain asked if my wife was a porn model and we both laughed telling him this was just for fun and our own personal enjoyment.

It was then he said something that quite took me back at first "Have you ever wanted video your wife with another guy?" he asked. "what you mean a porn movie” Pam responded  "No, just some harmless petting or posing with a another guy” then looking over towards me asked if I would allow him to pose with Pam, she already had a look of approval knowing full well she wanted to see his cock.

Iain was just sorting himself out and Pam walked over and whispered in my ear "I'm doing this for you, I know you’ve wanted to see me naked with another man” looking at her I could tell she wanted more “you want to have sex with him whilst I video you ?” and with that had a very naughty look to her “I’ll take that as a yes” and moving over to some grass we were able to be hidden if anyone came near us

Iain stripped off and I could tell he was purposely trying to excite Pam as he stripped completely and was quite envious of Iains cock small he was NOT.

By now Pam was excited as her nipples were standing to attention and laying on the beach rugs they started to play with each other kissing and his hand was between her cleft gently rubbing his finger over her pussy, sometimes pushing a finger gently against her clit which was now swollen & erect.

Pam reached out and took hold of his cock and was starting to wank him slowly but then to my surprise she twist around and positioned her head near to his cock and he now had full access to her pussy and seeing her in a 69 position outdoors sucking another guy off was amazing as she started to hold his heavy balls.

By now Iains tong was licking and sucking Pams clit and this was all she needed to return the favour and alternately suck and slowly rub her hand up and down his cock and they were both clearly enjoying themselves and I felt more like the onlooker rather than the husband........or was I the cuckold husband now?

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