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*Bolton:- dogging warning stay clear of the A666 the police are pulling cars over. Try Country park Moses gate or Crompton Lodges drop me a message and I'll give you further locations and details ...only meeting with biguys

*Stockport:- Tiviot way meets anyone? we are a young couple looking for couples only

*Rochdale:- small car park on Ogden lane, just past the factory easy to find

*Royton:- outdoor fun at country park near Royton, its very private as you can head off into the park. Both voyeurs & dogging using it

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She walked across the car park ......naked, my dogging milf

manchesterThis is a little story about my Manchester dogging wife, although someone recently referred to her being a Manchester milf… didn’t go down well and one things for certain he didn’t get any attention from my wife

As you can see I’ve posted some photos of my wife within our profile and YES shes every bit that horny in real life and basically we fuck like rabbits and it’s a welcome break when I take her dogging around some of the Manchester locations we use. Normally when we go out I like to try find quite places as I love videoing her and I’ve posted a couple of videos of her doing what she does best that’s having sex with strangers.

This one night we were heading out as it was a little foggy so ideal dogging weather conditions and after she stripped off and put her fur coat (fake I’m not that flush ) on we headed off out to a car park we’d read about on the dogging forum so and pre arranged to meet a couple of guys. Getting there it sure as fuck was dead and very dark and sitting back wondered if we were going to get a show until this car pulled into the car park and gave the signal and flashed his break lights …this was all my wife needed     

She got out of the car naked other than tiny black knickers ......the guy nearly came straight away .

Getting out of the car she placed her fur coat on the back seat and she walked over towards his car…She looked amazing with her long slim legs and tiny little black knickers and looking at her I nearly pulled her back myself and fucked her…walking over to the car the guy got out and you could almost see the total look of shock on his face seeing a virtually naked women walking straight over to him.

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He was leaning against the car and she walked right up to him and kissed him pushing hard into him and feeling his cock already bulging and straining at his jeans. She moved back a little and undid his jeans and released his cock.  

Pulling his cock right out she wanked him for a little then pushing hard into him his cock pressed against her pussy, sliding down she put his cock between her tits and pressing them tightly around his cock started moving them up and down giving him a tit wank, it was then I noticed a bit of pre cum on his cock and with her finger she placed it on the end of her finger and sucked on it cleaning all his pre cum off….I thought the poor guy was going to cum on the spot       

Moving back to wanking him off she pushed her tits again and was moving up and down giving him a full tit wank and then standing up carried on wanking him but this time allowing his cock to brush against her knickers. Pulling them to one side she was wanking him and allowing his cock to brush against her pussy and it was clear he would be able to hold back much longer as she really knows not only how to tease but wank a guy

Moving back down she was sucking him off whilst wanking but with her free hand was also fingering herself now, it was clear he was getting near so standing up she pulled her knickers right to one side, the guy then put his hand onto her pussy and started fingering her and this was all her needed to start cum and he started cuming over her pussy.

By now she was wanking him and he was cuming all over her pussy soaking her, pulling her knickers further side she was now wiping his cock all over her pussy and once he’d cum completely she moved down and sucked & licked all the cum from his dick. The other guy that was supposed to show didn’t so we walked back to the car and with cum still all over pussy I bent her over the car bonnet and fucked her till we both came    

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