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This story was sent in by a Oxfordshire couple that wanted to have sex outdoors whilst others watched them

The voyeur dogging scene is probably stronger than couples meeting up with other strangers for outdoor sex and after reading this story I can see the attraction of letting others watch you

Whether is voyeur sex or meeting with others posted below are some sample Oxfordshire dogging forum postings

*Abingdon :- want to fuck my bbw wife at Culham Lock? Its used a lot by couples in Abingdon so drop us a line and I'll tell you when we will be around and directions if you can't find it

*Witney A40 :- Asthall Picnic dogging anyone? I'm a bi guy looking to meet with guys / couples

*Banbury :- do people still use the Lay-by on Southam Road for dogging? I've been a few times and I never see anyone around anymore

*A34 Dogging :- Cow lane dogging off townsend road - use it or loose it LOL drop us a line and lets meet

*Marcham :- its a small car park just on the outskirts of Marcham village. We use it regularly and its not over run with idiots so contact us for more info

*Wheatley :- anyone using Shotover House ?

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Voyeur dogging couple tell us about there first meet ...

OxfordshireIt was our first outing and Kath looked at her husband not really knowing how well it was going to go, the forum said it was a good location but until you try you never know. Driving down the road I really couldn’t believe we were doing this after months of fantasies.

Getting close to the location Ian, her husband, was also nervous but his excitement was building and he his wife was checking him out to make sure he was happy about this, but there was something her look tonight and putting his hand on her thigh brushed her leg.

“fancy a quickie?” Kath “What do you mean?” “how about giving me a flash of your tits?” and by this time his hand under Kath’s skirt and teasing her pussy through her knickers and knowing she didn’t need much encouragement pulled her top up and flashed a small but pert tit and showing an already erect nipple and pulling her knickers to one side she was already soaking

As we pulled into the carpark we didn't know if anyone was going to be around .....real life Oxfordshire dogging

Pulling into the car park it was just as described in the dogging forum and already a few cars were parked with the tell tail signs of interior lights left on, parking up Ian turned the interior light on and then kissed her and Kath didn’t wait around and opened his trousers and released his hard cock, moving down Kath sucked his cock deep inside her mouth and Ian let a groan escaped

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Sucking on his cock she was so good and knowing just how far she could go just lightly sucked him and once she could feel him getting near to cuming reverted back to using her tong & circled around his cock mixing precum with her spit.

Looking up she knew she had to stop otherwise she would soon have her husband cuming not that she minded her husband cuming in her mouth just not right now, “cum on let’s try this outside” Getting out they could see someone in the shadows and it was clear it was a couple having sex with some guys watching and this was all the encouragement Ian need and pushed Kath onto the car bonnet and pulling  her skirt up pulled her knickers to one side and moved in to lick her pussy

He knew just where to start and found Kath clit with ease and whilst licking her the other hand slipped inside her top and started playing with her tits and thankfully by not wearing a bra he was able to get hold of her tits with ease

Moaning out quite aloud they were unaware that people around there vicinity could hear her which just made her louder and whilst licking her Ian knew she was getting near to cuming as she tensed up as her first orgasm came across her in waves of pleasure.

But that was just the start and taking Ian’s hand walked off to where the other couple were and it was clear some dogging was going on as you could clearly hear another couple having sex. Once in the darkness Ian dropped his trousers and Kath pulled her husband towards a tree and leaning against she wrapped her legs around him and manoeuvred him till his cock was against her pussy and with her being so wet his cock slide inside with no effort at all and her slid her up pushing deep inside

By now they we were both incredibly turned on that they were fucking in public and fucking her hard against the tree, Ian stopped and and pulling out told Kath to bend over and doing just what her husband demanded she bent over and coming up behind wasted no time pushing his cock back into her and starts fucking her

By now Kath didn’t give a fuck and looking around saw a small group of guys watching, some just watching others wanking off and this only got her more excited and by now Ian was thrusting hard and fast pounding her with everything he had.

He moved his hand under her and rubbing her clit knew this was all that was needed to bring her off yet again and knowing they both had an audience didn’t stop them in fact if anything spurred them on “harder” Kath shouted out and by now Ian was fucking for everything her had as he slammed deep into her making her cum and shooting his own load into her

Catching their breath the guys that were watching walked away and they were both pretty pleased fucking outdoors and letting strangers watch them …and can’t wait to try again, although they are going to log back into the forum and make sure the others know about this great little dogging

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