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Theres no doubt the Staffordshire dogging scene is probably one of the strong reigions thanks primiarrly to the national parks that offers loads of private places to meet

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*Cannock Chase:- Anson Bank dogging is pretty dead now due to a lot of recent trouble and the police was involved. They have no increased patrols so I wouldn't risk it. I'm looking for other Cannock Chase dogging sites so anyone got any ideas?

*A34 Dogging Stoke dogging:- heading along the A34 and look out for Trentham Gardens and its the 1st layby  

*Parkhall:- either Longton  meets or Sheepwash in Caverswall for cuckold dogging as I love watching the wife. Drop us a line for directions and times

*Whiston:- want to meet on A449 on the Stafford / Wolverhampton rd? drop me a message and I'll give you full directions loads of couples and singles dogging but we are keeping this place for real dogging couples only least for a while

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threesomes don't get better than this Staffordshire wife's ...

Staffordshire doggingReading stories offers a real insight into the UK dogging scene and this Staffordshire dogging wife was more than up for some fun when the husband suggested about trying some outdoor sex

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We’d arranged to meet this guy as he told about this quite pub that had some grounds round the back and during the daytime it was used for a county walk normally after a a Sunday lunch but at night it was a popular Staffordshire dogging site (want details? send me a message)

We meet up in the car park at the rear and walked along this county path till we found a clearing and some grass so I took this as a good place and sitting down looked at my husband ( Andy ) and Jon the guy that told us about this place. I could see already that Jon was showing a health bulge in his trousers.

It was my first dogging fact it was my first dogging meet and I'm after more real dogging expereince

We’d never tried a threesome dogging meet and I was keen to get these two cocks out to play with so pulling Jon towards me I started kissing him whilst my cuckold was watching, which was a bit of an odd role for him and one I knew he would not keep for long.

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Placing my hand on Jon’s cock I started to run his dick through his jeans and this was all Andy needed to come up behind me and start to play with my tits. But I wanted Jon’s cock so I undone his jeans and pulled his cock out that was already hard and ready for action.

Andy had got his cock out by now and I had the pleasure of two hard cocks all ready for me to play with and I was going to get the most from these guys. I moved myself around so I could enjoy the taste of Jons cock and slipped his cock deep into my mouth whilst wanking my hubby off. Jon tasted sweet and whilst sucking on him enjoyed a little pre cum and slowed down a little so that he didn’t cum

Andy moved pushing his hand under my skirt to find  soaking wet knickers and pulling my knickers to one side slipped a couple of fingers inside me working them and making me wetter and I couldn’t hold back a groan as my husband was fingering my whilst sucking this guys cock …….now this is what you can a heavenly dogging threesome

Whilst my husband did hs best to make me cum I was sucking Jons cock hard now taking him right back and letting him deep throat fuck me and by now he had his hands on the back of my head and was fucking my mouth hard.

Andy then moved in front of me and pulling my skirt up moved up and find my puss and started licking my fanny & clit as he circled my clit I knew I was building towards my first orgasm and Andy knew this and he then eased two fingers into me whilst still sucking hard on my clit that brought me off to my first STRONG orgasm

I then pulled back and told Jon that I wanted him inside me, Andy moved to one side and Jon got on top of me slowly pushing his massive cock into my pussy but I needed him all the way inside so wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him deep into me which made me cum again

Andy then moved up and I started sucking him and I clamped my lips tightly around his cock and with Jon fucking me and sucking Andy off I was in fucking heaven and whilst Jon was fucking me he told me he was going to cum but I wanted him in my mouth so pulling Andy to one side Jon replaced his cock back into my mouth and Andy carried on with the fucking

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