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*Wisley Common :- loads of places to meet, drop me a message. Also lay by by the A3 but you';ll have gay guys cottaging as well but its a good location as its private Its the main lay by on the Wisley A3

*Esher :- Young couple looking for meets around West End / Esher anyone interested?

*Dorking A24 :- along A24 then when at Burford Bridge go onto small carpark on the left also try Farm Lodge off Lodge Ln, loads of places to meet

*Tatsfield :- bakery car park tonight anyone? I'm a bi guy looking for males or couples

*A31 Hogs Back :- watch out the police are watching the layby

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dogging in a Surrey county walk, sounds like fun! ...

I'm not a great one for words as I prefer action, but after my little stroll a in a Surrey county lane I though I'd post something into my blog...I'm still kinda feeling my way around the site and I'm a bit of a newbie to contacts and one of the reasons I'm getting head around this..

.but what I'm not new to is getting well fucked and being a sex mad female never let an opportunity go by and let my pussy have some attention.....this is a true story enjoy and maybe drop me a line if you fancy meeting up

It was a great summers night, you know one of those nights that we used to get right throughout the summer but now only seem to get once in a blue I was going to make the most of it and get outdoors and enjoy a walk down a few little country walks that I know about

I was walking down this path enjoying the warn night air as it was about 1oish and very still and quiet when I was paying more attention to stars and what was going on above me then what was right in front of me and took a tumble ....doing my best to get up I was unaware of someone walking towards me "Say you OK ?"

FUCK......looking at him he was good enough to eat...question was could I turn this tumble into some fun......

Taking my hand he helped me back fully to my feet..."bloody stupid bitch should look where I'm walking" and pulling me out from the brambles I was a bit embarrassed for being such a dozy cow but he laugh it off. By now the wind had also changed direction and was getting a little bit chilly and as I was only wearing a summer dress " blurrrr its getting a bit chilly, you got a friendly arm to warm me up" ( never say I'm not afraid to come forward) and with that put his arms around me.

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I was feeling a bit lucky and as we were walking down this lane quite quickly thought I'd better get in soon, so stopping I turned towards him thanking him for the walk back and my car was just around the next corner and leaning in to kissed him on the cheek he turned his head and we both kissed on our lips....the kiss soon turned full on passionate snog and pushing me against a tree we carried on kissing.

I didn't give a fuck that we were now quite close to the car park as I knew it was used for dogging and with him kissing me I felt a warm hand lift up the front of my jumper and his hands went straight onto my tits under the lacy bra I was wearing...His hands cupped her tits and moving down he pulled my jumper up and was kissing and sucking my nipples over the bra clearly desperate to taste my nipples.

I pulled my bra down exposing my tits to the night air and already my nipples were rock hard but the cold air just made them stand out even further and my nipples were on a full bosom. His tonguing action swirled around them was heavenly and he sucked and drew each one in turn making sure it wasn't too hard but just right as I moaned and was now getting more and more aroused as he returned to kiss me this time pushing his groin against me.

I could feel his cock pushing against me and dropping to my knees I undid his jeans to show a fat lovely cock that was crying out for my lips to wrapped around it.

Kneeling down I licked his pre cum before allowing his cock to slide right into my mouth and being a bit of a pro at deep throat blow jobs I allowed him to fully push inside with no gagging and cupping his balls he gasped and held my head fully pressed against his body as he started to fuck my mouth I knew he was getting close so stopped and pulling back told him I wanted him inside me and standing up I pushed my jeans to the floor and straight away he moved his hand between her legs and my wet pussy that was by now dripping with juice.

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