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Posted below are a sample of some of the recent forums posting all from Wiltshire swingers / dogging couples

*Swindon:- We are heading off to Nightingale woods off Vicarage Lane in South Marston anyone fancy meeting up

*Chippenham:- don't use Westmead lane as the police are hitting hard and pulling people over

*Salisbury:- I was told about dogging on the A36 Southampton Road but can't find it anyone help a frustracted male.

*Amesbury:- anyone fancy meeting up at Beacon Hill dogging? Its easy to find and dirt lay by and woods, drop me a line and I'll let you know when we are heading out

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They walked into the New Forest for Dogging sex....

wiltshireWhen it comes to the Wiltshire dogging scene theres one location that keep coming up time after time within the forums and thats the Wiltshire side of the New Forest

Unlike so many other Wiltshire Dogging locations the New forest offers probably one of the most safest places to meet with contacts and in fact I know a few naturist swingers that enjoy outdoor meets around the New Forest, although never make the mistake of assuming naturist swingers are dogging contacts !!!! big no no !! I

Meet Wiltshire dogging CONTACTS and find the best places to meet

Posted below id this members story, but to give you some idea whats within the members section I've posted some random dogging photos and direct access to Wiltshire dogging contacts so that YOU can see whats on offer within the members its free

all dogging photos are direct from profiles hence edited

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I’ve posted this into my dogging blog that over time I’ll be adding some more especially when meeting horny members like this women. For ages I’ve wanted to try fucking in the New Forest, I’d heard people saying that couples and single meet up but despite looking around I could never find anyplace to meet.

After sometime I joined a contacts site and soon found this couple from Salisbury and it was pretty clear from looking at there profile photos they enjoy fucking in the New Forest so we got chatting.

They were much older than me, but as I had a thing for milfs was more than keen to meet so we arranged to meet at car park in the forest that we both knew and driving to the car park had to have a quick play and slipped my hand down my shorts.

Pulling into the carpark I saw there car and parked up, getting out I walked over and she got out straight away to my surprise she gave me a squeeze and with my hard cock she clearly felt it against her.

Her husband got out and we headed off into the woods and as we were walking I could clearly see her nipples and she wasn’t wearing her bra, it didn’t take us long until we found a wooded area that looked pretty private, it was then that I realised why I never seen any couples dogging in the New Forest

She kneeled down and pulled my shorts off and moving her head towards my cock she licked my cock and looking over noticed her husband had made himself comfortable sitting back on a log. Standing back she undid the top of her dress and tit swung free and I got a look at those amazing hard nipples, she then moved back to my cock and pulled back my foreskin and not saying a word wrapped her mouth around my cock and started sucking hard, by now her husband had his cock out and was wanking off

She started going further down until she almost gagged and with her tongue moved around my cock I was having to do my best to hold back and watching my cock sliding deep into her mouth before reappearing. She was getting faster with her sucking and could hear her moaning which was getting louder and I was only thankful we were a long way in from the road

She then pulled back and standing up lifted her dress and showed off her shaven pussy as she had no knickers on and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wet women as her juices were clearly running down her legs.

She spread her legs and start to finger herself and I knew she wanted me to fuck her and to be honest I needed too, not because she was one honey women but if she’d carried on fingering herself that way I was in serious danger of cuming

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