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*Barnsley:- anyone up for some meets around New miller dam near Wakefield? we are looking for couples only - drop us line if you don't know the locations and we'll give you full directions

*Leeds:- Adel Woods car park? loads of couples and single meeting up. I'm a bi guy and looking for meets with males or couples where the wife wants to watch the hubby

*Doncaster:- meets at Squirrel wood off A19 before Askern

*Scarborough:- Staxton Garage round the back - private and busy so try it out if your local to Scarborough

*Redcar - I'm looking for meets around Redcar. I've just moved here and keen to meet members so drop me a line. I'm a singfle female and you need to prefer your women bigger as I'm every bit a bbw ex wife !!

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Yorkshire BBW dogging wife enjoys role playing sex ..

yorkshire bbw WQhen it comes to Yorkshire dogging locations and wives they don't get much hornier than this couples story that was recently posted within the members blog .....personally I want to move to Yorkshire if the bBW wives are all this bad

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My wife wanted to go dogging as a BBW secretary wife ............with no knickers

Iíve always loved BBW, even when I was at school I was attracted to the big girls in my class and over the years that has never changed. I love big tits and wide hips; you know something you can really get hold of. BBW are so much more sensual, and as it turns out with my BBW wife, so much more sexual too. Skinny women just donít do it for me, itíd be like fucking an ironing board and I like my women to have a bit of padding.

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Debs and I have been married for about 5 years now, and she is my BBW at 5’5 and 18 stone my blonde bombshell is just gorgeous.  Her massive 44DD tits are soft and sensitive, and I’ve only got to touch her clit and she cums, we fuck nearly every night and love to play role play games, in fact we are pretty much into anything when it comes to sex, she is totally open and up for anything.

We are members of a few yorkshire swingers sites on the net and have been to a few swinger parties too, where Debs took full advantage of the sexual freedom she had there, and I have to say that I loved watching her taking another man’s cock down her throat and getting fucked in the arse by another from behind, she loves anal sex. I managed to get a couple of pictures of her covered in cum too which we’ve posted on the sites, which makes us popular members. 

We love to talk about our fantasies to other members in the chat rooms, and got talking to these two guys who’d seen our pictures and were really interested in what we fantasised about.  Well one of Debs fantasies is to be fucked by a couple of strangers whilst I film her, and that’s when they mentioned dogging.

We’ve read about other couples dogging but never done it ourselves, but when they said they would meet us at a nearby dogging site to fulfil her fantasy Debs got really horny. So we arranged to meet on Saturday night.

Getting ready on the Saturday Debs decided that she’d like to dress as a slutty office girl too, just to add that little something extra for the camera that I was taking.  So she put on a black peephole bra, under a sheer see through black blouse so that her long nipples where sticking through, black stockings and suspenders and a short black skirt, no knickers because she said it slows things down getting them off, and black stiletto heels.  To finish off she pulled her beautiful blonde hair back and tied it tightly in a bun, and put on her glasses, fuck she looked horny.  I took some photos of her before we left the house for the websites, so they’ll be uploaded soon too.

Making sure I had enough memory space and battery life on the video camera, we got into the car and drove to the dogging site that was only about 30 minutes from us. I could hardly drive I was so excited about what was going to happen, and couldn’t help but reach across to finger Debs freshly shaved cunt as I was driving. 

She spread her thighs to give me access, she was soaking wet already, I fucked her with my finger for a while and then rubbed her clit in small circles, I knew she’d cum straight away and when she did her hot cunt juice squirted and soaked into the seat.  She squealed with delight and said she was ready for a good hard fuck and the sweet taste of a man’s spunk.

A few minutes later we pulled into the car park, there were already a couple of cars parked up and we could see that one of them had the interior light on with the passenger door open.  There was three man standing by the car with their cocks out, they were hard and pointing eagerly towards a woman who was sucking on them one after the other. Debs couldn’t take her eyes off them and started to pinch and pull her already erect nipples making her moan softly.

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